Ruth Ben Crocker - EDITED

Ruth Hogan has challenged herself ‘to learn to say as many of my foreign titles as possible’, and her task is about to become even more difficult as the rights to her debut novel, THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS, have been acquired in three more territories.

The novel will soon be published by Beijing Xiron in China, Mozaik in Croatia and Wydawnictwo Literacikie in Poland, in addition to the fifteen countries where it has already been picked up.

THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS is an uplifting story of loss and discovery, revolving around Anthony Peardew’s collection of lost objects, built up over forty years of trying to atone for a broken promise. When he passes away before reuniting them with their owners, his assistant Laura finds herself inheriting the treasures, and with them the responsibility of returning them to their rightful places.

Ruth penned THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS during her battle with cancer, which she describes as having been ‘bloody inconvenient’, but gave her the chance to write her novel. Her second novel, THE PARTICULAR WISDOM OF SALLY RED SHOES, is available to pre-order now from Amazon and Waterstones.

You can learn more about Ruth on her website, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


Photograph (c) Ben Crocker

Written by Charlotte on for News.