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Seal Press has acquired the powerful testimony TRANS LIKE ME by CN Lester.

Acquisitions editor Stephanie Knapp bought North American rights to the book from Laura Macdougall at Tibor Jones & Associates.

Seal Press has a history of publishing pioneering authors in the gender debate, such as Leslie Feinberg, Julia Serano and Susan Stryker. Stephanie Knapp said, ‘TRANS LIKE ME is such a timely, thoughtful take on the most pressing gender issues of today.’

TRANS LIKE ME explores the way we are all defined by ideas of gender, regardless of labels. Framed by a striking personal narrative, CN Lester addresses the current debates surrounding transgender identity and looks ahead to what the future might hold.

“Lester is a writer for our times – a moving, learned and essential voice at the razor edge of gender politics. Their work has been inspirational to me for many years. Lester writes with the compassionate authority of a person not just wise beyond their years, but beyond the age they were born into.” – Laurie Penny

TRANS LIKE ME will be published first in the UK on 25th May by Virago.

CN Lester is an academic and activist who has acted as a consultant on trans issues to a broad range of organisations such as Channel 4, the BBC and the Huffington Post. For more about CN Lester and their work, follow them on Twitter or visit their website.

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Written by Charlotte on for News.